Stacie Goldin

Yoga Teacher

Hi! I’m Stacie. I am an Educator and Lifelong Learner.

I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness since 1995, when I first discovered Iyengar Hatha yoga at a tiny studio in my neighbourhood. I fell in love with the discipline, the technique and the authentic connection of mind, body, emotion and spirit in the practice.  After being introduced to Yin yoga in 2015, it quickly became my favourite kind of yoga practice, as I was seeking more of an understanding around awareness and self, and Yin provided that for me. Yin was my first certification, and I was excited to help others learn how to connect with the stillness and peace that lies within each and every individual.

I then wanted to extend my learning and received certificates in Children’s Yoga and my 250 hour CYT Training.  I look so forward to practicing with you!

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